Cargo Clearing & Forwarding  (coming soon)
Cameroon / Chad / CAR
Stevedoring / Storage
Machinery to load and off load trucks
Hinterland Transport
Bulk / Flat / Silo / Lowbed facilities

We offer transportation with 4 /5 /6 axle vehicle solutions where payloads can vary between 25 - 60 Tons.


Trailers are adapted in Tipper / Silo / Lowbed applications to suit every need yet remaining fully compliant to the local and neighbouring country's road safety act.




TAL has a wide range of transportation services we offer to our customer base. As a Commercial trucking Company in Cameroun, we do not only service the local customer market  with daily demands,  but also specialize in transport services transporting  contractual customer cargo in particularly bulk / big volume cargo and specialized requirements like pipeline projects (Pipes), cement used for the local and project based environments, Fertilizers, as well as wood being exported.


We are proud servicing the local and international market and growing demands for transportation solutions. The Cameroonian enviroment is going trough a general infrastructuaral building faze where the bulk transportation needs are in demand.


Trans Afrique logistics S.A. Cameroun, a "TRUE" Cameroonian based Company with core business and infrastructure in the road transportation and Logistics industry, is proud to present ourselves as a “Cameroon Brand Name”.

 As a commercial trucking Company we offer a variety of trucking options and applications to our customers ranging from “3 axle” cargo “truck and tractor” combinations to various “low-bed” options suitable for any cargo load no matter the size or weight we have a solution and the experience.

3 Axle trailer Combinations have become the most popular option in the Cemac zone for transporting general cargo realising the governing road weight restrictions in force.

We render transport services on all major routes locally, as well as “cross border” transport solutions to CAR, Chad and surrounding neighbouring countries.

Bulk Wheart transportation
Bulk dry cement transportation
Bulk Klinker transportation
Bulk dry grains / Sesame
Mining commodities

We also render transport services to customers with abnormal sized or heavy cargo requirement. No load is too big or heavy for us.

We are also proud to associate ourselves with the high demand in “Humanitarian” cargo requirements, including equipment, food and water requirements on a “bulk” basis.

Trans Afrique was established in 2010 and since the beginning we have been involved with transporting large volume products or commodities as well as “project” orientated requirements –

Oil field Pipe lines

“Rig” projects and heavy equipment

Building of bridges – cement and equipment / steel

Building of dams – cement and equipment / steel

Container Business

Transportation of Fertilisers and general cargoes including humanitarian requirements.