Trans Afrique logistics S.A. Cameroun also services a large variety of customer base in the local market.  We render transportation not only to the Oil Companies and Projects in Chad but also pride ourselves to be associated with customers just to mention a few - Maersk, Damco, Bollore, Cimencam (Lafarge), Cimaf and Geodis Wilson.

A number of our local customers are also linked or affiliated to international Brand maintaining a platform of stability and creating business opportunities for the Cameroonian corridor transportation industry that mainly feed the country with cargo out of the Douala Main Port. 

As our main focus and core business is based on Hinterland road transportation we understand the importance of our role and providing that vital link in delivering the cargo safely and on time on behalf of our customers.

We also specializes in the correct equipment to provide peace of mind for our customers across the spectrum of normal transport as well as heavy equipment.

Low-bed transport is a specialized division of our business and therefore we invest a lot of time in training and maintaining our equipment to world standards ensuring safety and maintaining a “zero error policy” which allows us to provide a platform to our customers with peace of mind when utilizing our expertise to transport abnormal cargo sizes and weights.

Our trailer lengths vary from 9 meter to 12 meter to 20 meter and can carry up to 150 tons in weight when the need arises.

It is not surprising yet reassuring when customers refer to Trans Afrique logistics as “our friends in transport”.


 2 And 3 Axle Flat Bed Trailers.



3 and 4 Axle Back Lift Tipper Trailers.


3 Axle Silo Trailers.


Multi Axle Lowbed Trailers.



9 / 12 /20 /24 Meter Lenth Lowbed Trailers.


Forklift Machinery.


Kalmar Container Lift / Loading and Off Loading Machinery.


Front End Catterpillar Loading Machinery.


Pay Loads 30 / 42 / 150 Tons.


Escort Vehicles and trained Teams.